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Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in San Francisco, joining the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Building as one of the skyline’s defining elements. Pelli Clarke Pelli won an international competition in 2007 to design the tower and the Salesforce Transit Center at its base. Together, the two buildings represent a novel approach to public-private collaboration and sustainability in an urban setting.

Salesforce塔是旧金山最高的建筑,与金门大桥和泛美大厦作为天际线的定义元素之一。 Pelli Clarke Pelli在2007年赢得了一项国际竞赛,设计了该塔楼及其底部的Salesforce运输中心。这两座建筑一起代表了一种新颖的方法,可以在城市环境中实现公私合作和可持续发展。


The competition was sponsored by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, a public entity created by the City of San Francisco to develop the new transit center. To help fund that building, part of the site was offered for sale to teams of developers and architects in an invited competition. Pelli Clarke Pelli and its development partner submitted a design that focuses on sustainability, neighborhood development, and financial feasibility.

这个设计竞赛是由Transbay联合权力机构赞助的,该机构是由旧金山市为开发新的运输中心而创建的公共部门。为了帮助该建筑筹集资金,在受邀比赛中将部分用地出售给开发商和建筑师团队。 Pelli Clarke Pelli及其开发合作伙伴提交了一份专注于可持续性,社区发展和财务可行性的设计。


Standing 326 meters (1,070 feet) tall, the tower has the simple, timeless form of the obelisk, giving the 61-story tower a slender, tapering silhouette. The walls are composed of clear glass with pearlescent metal accents. These horizontal and vertical accents gradually taper in depth to accentuate the curved glass corners. The walls rise past the top floor to form a transparent crown that appears to dissolve into the sky. Carved into the tower top is a vertical facet that will be lit at night.



Each floor of the tower has integrated metal sunshades, calibrated to maximize light and views while reducing solar gain. High performance, low-emissivity glass also helps to reduce the building’s cooling load. Cooling may be provided in part by heat-exchanging coils wrapped around the tower’s foundations. The tower and transit center also include comprehensive water recycling systems. In addition, high efficiency air-handlers will take in fresh air on every floor.



At its base, Salesforce Tower connects directly to the Transit Center, which will house 11 Bay Area transit systems. On top of the Transit Center and linked directly to the tower is a 5.4-acre public park, which will offer recreational, educational, and nature activities. The park has two roles: the future anchor of the neighborhood and a key element of the project’s sustainable design strategy.

Salesforce Tower在其基础上直接连接到运输中心,该中心将容纳11个湾区运输系统。在运输中心的顶部,直接与大厦相连,是一个5.4英亩的公园,该公园将提供娱乐,教育和自然活动。该公园扮演两个角色:社区的未来锚点和项目可持续设计策略的关键要素。


In the spirit of New York’s Grand Central Terminal and London’s Victoria Station, the Transit Center’s soaring light-filled spaces give San Francisco a grand entrance that befits its status as one of the world’s great cities.



The new Transit Center stretches for five blocks along Mission Street, one block south of the city’s Financial District. A gently undulating wall, floating above the street on angled steel columns, is visible from afar, creating a graceful, luminous, and welcoming image. At street level,shops and cafes draw visitors and energize the surrounding neighborhood, while high above, the trees and flowers of the rooftop park invite people to visit for longer periods, transforming the Transit Center from a commuter hub to an urban destination.

新的运输中心沿Mission 街延伸了五个街区,该街位于该市金融区以南一街区。远处可见一面缓缓起伏的墙,漂浮在成角度的钢柱上的街道上方,营造出优美,明亮且温馨的图像。在街道上商店和咖啡馆吸引着游客,并为周围的社区增光添彩,而高处则是屋顶公园的树木和鲜花,人们可以长时间参观,从而将公交中心从通勤枢纽转变为城市目的地。

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Within the Transit Center, the space is open and light-filled. Tall, structurally expressive skylights — “Light Columns” — bring sunshine deep into the building, creating a vibrant, inviting atmosphere. The largest Light Column forms the central element of the 36-meter tall (118-feet tall) Grand Hall, the Transit Center’s primary public space. Reaching from the park, down through the bus deck and Grand Hall, and all the way to the train platforms two stories below grade, this dramatic structure provides light and long views to all areas of the Transit Center.


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The heart of the Transit Center’s design is the rooftop park. Dense with nature and activities, it has over a dozen entry points, potentially including bridges to surrounding buildings. Active and passive uses are woven into the landscape, including a 1,000-person amphitheater, cafes, and a children’s playgroun

运输中心设计的核心是屋顶公园。 它与自然和活动密密麻麻,有十几个入口,可能包括通往周围建筑物的桥梁。 主动和被动用途交织在一起,包括一个可容纳1000人的圆形剧场,咖啡馆和一个儿童游乐场



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