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Berkley欧洲总部,伦敦 | KPF


Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) has completed an origami-like skyscraper in the heart of the city of London, which acts like "a folded and mirrored" tower that reflect its surrounding set alongside Richard Rogers' the Lloyd's building.

Kohn Pedersen Fox(KPF)在伦敦市中心完成了一座折纸般的摩天大楼,其就像是“折叠且镜像的”塔楼,反映了其周围环境以及Richard Rogers的Lloyd建筑。


Named 52 Lime Street, also known as The Scalpel, the 190-metre office tower completes the city cluster which creates like "a type of urban drama", according to William Pedersen, Design Principal and Founding Partner of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates的设计负责人兼创始合伙人William Pedersen说,这座190米的办公大楼名为 52 Lime Street,也称为The Scalpel,它完成了整个城市群的建设,创造出了一种“城市戏剧”的效果。


"In London, the City Cluster has created, in effect, a type of urban drama. Each participant is unique, but collectively they make an architectural conversation," said William Pedersen.

William Pedersen说:“在伦敦,城市集群实际上创造了一种城市戏剧。每个参与者都是独特的,而且他们进行建筑的对话。”


"52 Lime Street leans back to respect the view corridor for St Paul’s Cathedral, creating a paired, but mirrored, gesture with the Leadenhall Building which makes for a theatrical urban conversation," he added.

他补充说:“52 Lime Street向后倾斜,尊重圣保罗大教堂的观景走廊,与Leadenhall大厦形成了一个成对但又互为镜像的姿态,可以进行戏剧性的城市对话。”


The skyscraper was designed for W.R. Berkley as the location of its UK headquarters and to let to tenants. A considered addition to the skyline, the building works in conversation with its neighbours to complement the overall composition of the "City Cluster" whilst improving the public realm at the base with the introduction of a new public plaza.

摩天大楼是为W.R. Berkley设计的,是其在英国的总部,并进行出租。该建筑被认为是天际线的补充,它与相邻建筑对话以补充“城市群”的整体性,同时通过引入新的公共广场改善用地的公共空间。


The simple geometric form of the 35-storey tower is reinforced by partially reflective glass and bright metallic fold lines.



"Giving our building a folded, origami-like quality, was the impetus for its form. As it rises, it folds back to mount to a point on the sky. As always, we intend for our tall buildings to be social participants in their contexts," Pedersen continued.



"Never have we had the opportunity to add one of our tall buildings to a context of such richness and drama."


Pedersen added that "At the outset of the project, the City Cluster was in its infancy." Working with the planning authorities, KPF demonstrated the potential for a tall building on the site that would maintain the street edge, preserve protected views of St Paul’s Cathedral and enhance the public realm.

Pedersen补充说:“在项目开始时,城市集群还处于起步阶段。” KPF与规划部门合作,展示了该场地上一座高楼的潜力,该高楼将维持街道界面,保留圣保罗大教堂的受保护的景观并增强公共空间。


To protect the view of St Paul’s Cathedral, the building needed either to be stepped or inclined behind the cathedral’s dome from key vantage points.


The inclined façade offered a calm silhouette while providing a wider variety of floor plate types and greater efficiencies. The taut, sculptural form reinforces the more formal urban planning interventions at the ground floor, which shape the external space adjacent to the neighbouring buildings while holding the building line along Leadenhall Street.



This core is located on the south of the building, against the façade, which provides shading to the interior and allowed the project team to insulate the façade most directly affected by solar gain - reducing the demand for air conditioning and significantly reducing energy use. The building achieved an "Excellent" rating under BREEAM 2014.

该核心筒位于建筑物的南侧,与立面相对,从而为内部提供了阴影,并使项目团队能够隔离受太阳直接影响最大的立面,从而减少了对空调的需求并明显减少能耗。该建筑在BREEAM 2014年获得了“优秀”评级。


In the interior spaces, KPF uses a palette of high-quality natural materials in the the double-height entrance lobby, lift lobbies, lift interiors and washrooms, featuring timeless modern design and detailing.



An illuminated ceiling to the triple-height atrium above the escalators, emulates natural daylight. Provision has been made for an independent coffee shop at ground floor level, overlooking the new public space, to activate and enliven the immediate area.



An offset core provides large uninterrupted and virtually column-free floor plates that are efficient to plan for a variety of tenants, with floor-to-ceiling glass optimising daylighting of the office floors and supplying spectacular views across London.