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将自然融入室内的商业项目设计,深圳后海 | Lead8


Lead8 has unveiled a recent competition proposal that reimagines the relationship between local landscape and commercial development in our cities. Integrating architecture, technology and ecology, the design models an example of how urban city environments could look in future. The project is based on a waterfront area in a primarily commercial district.


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The dialogue between the site’s two distinct sides, existing development and parkland, formed the basis of the design. Blurring the boundaries between these two land uses underpins the approach to the mixed-use scheme which unites public realm, cultural, retail, commercial and transport functions. The design by Lead8 is unveiled over the one-kilometre-long site which connects five plots of land.

该用地的两个不同方面(现有开发项目和公园用地)之间的对话构成了设计的基础。这两种土地用途之间的界限模糊,这是将公共领域,文化,零售,商业和运输功能结合起来的混合用途方案。 Lead8的设计在长达一公里的场地上呈现,该场地连接了五个地块。


Each block is terraced toward the water’s edge, the density of the blocks decreasing in the process. A dynamic slice through the architecture is evident along the city edge, revealing the organisational structure of people, places and spaces inside. A dramatic ‘Earth’s crust’ edge facing the parkland is eroded, covered in trees, vegetation and water landscapes.


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The concept drew from the area’s native mangrove forests, with the designers creating four layers – The Core, The Forest, The Cultural Canopy and The Floating Park. The distinctive architecture mimics organic and natural forms, and visually and physically connects the subterranean and above-ground spaces. The diverse urban experience features a network of indoor, outdoor and semi-open environments, defining the area with pedestrian bridges, canopies and streets linked throughout the site.



“So often there is a disconnect between the underground and above-ground experiences within developments. Our focus for the basement and lower levels was on design continuity and visibility to enhance the arrival zones. The transparency of the building is deliberate, the porous quality allows spaces to effortlessly appear, making exploration feel as organic as possible. Where roads intersect our site, we have animated the architecture above – shaping the experience from all perspectives,” explained Claude Touikan, Co Founder & Executive Director at Lead8.

“因此,开发项目中的地下体验与地上体验之间常常脱节。我们针对地下室和较低楼层的重点是设计的连续性和可见性,以增强到达区域。建筑物的透明度是经过深思熟虑的,多孔的体量使空间可以轻松出现,从而使探索感觉尽可能有机。 Lead8联合创始人兼执行董事Claude Touikan解释说,在道路与我们用地相交的地方,我们对上面的建筑进行了动画处理-从各个角度塑造了体验。

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The proposal aims to break down the standard commercial conventions for retail and dining. Partially-enclosed spaces create foyers which unveil dramatic public areas above. Ascending the levels, new ecosystems containing cultural programmes, theatres, libraries, galleries, museums, leisure and nature appear.



Several light wells at the upper levels allow natural light to open up and penetrate the different layers below. The ‘Floating Park’, an ecological landscaped deck acts as a super connector across the full site. A place of exploration and discovery, this activated public realm serves as world-class attraction, urban farm, water treatment facility and green roof with 360 degree views all in one.



“The value of land at the ground and lower levels means these areas are regularly dominated by commercial programming. With this proposal, we show how natural landscapes can be elevated and intertwined to create experiential value in our commercial developments. Diversifying how we curate and celebrate natural environments in our human-made schemes drives this concept,” continued Claude. With the advancement of elevator technology, Lead8’s proposal integrates high-performance magnetic elevators that can transport visitors vertically and horizontally.

“地面和低层土地的价值意味着这些地区通常由商业功能主导。通过这项提议,我们展示了如何在自然景观中提升和交织在一起,以在我们的商业发展中创造体验价值。通过在人工方案中策划和庆祝自然环境的多样化,推动了这一理念的发展。” Claude继续说道。随着电梯技术的进步,Lead8的提案整合了可以垂直和水平运送游客的高性能电梯。

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3D projection mapping techniques are presented on the façades to bring large-scale artwork and visualisation opportunities to the development. Considering the sustainable qualities of the project, research was undertaken to ensure local biodiversity protection, rainwater collection, greywater recycling and energy consumption minimization were all factored into the design.

外立面上展示了3D投影映射技术,为开发带来了大型艺术品和可视化机会。 考虑到该项目的可持续性,进行了研究以确保将当地的生物多样性保护,雨水收集,中水回用和能耗最小化纳入设计之中。

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Summarising the proposal, David said “Our scheme imagines a development as its own ecosystem, a combination of nature, culture, retail and technology which harmonise with each other. Beyond being a competition proposal, we wanted to showcase this design as an example of how our urban realms can be shaped in future.” Source and images Courtesy of Lead8.

David总结该提案时说:“我们的计划将发展视为自己的生态系统,是自然,文化,零售和技术相融合的结合。 除了提出竞争具有竞争性的提案外,我们还希望展示这种设计,以此作为将来如何塑造我们的城市领域的一个案例。”

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