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POST Houston will transform a former United States Postal Service (USPS) facility on the northwest edge of Downtown Houston into a new commercial and cultural anchor. The mixed- use building—large enough to fit four Boeing 747 aircrafts—will balance elements of preservation with strategic, almost surgical, interventions to create a vibrant new hub for the city.

POST Houston 将把位于休斯顿市中心西北边缘的前美国邮政服务 (USPS) 设施改造成一个新的商业和文化中心。这座混合用途建筑足够容纳四架波音 747 飞机,将平衡保留元素与战略性改造、手术搬的干预措施,为这座城市创造一个充满活力的新枢纽。

To weave the 16-acre site into the fabric of the Downtown, the warehouse is punctured vertically with skylights and atriums and raked horizontally with new passages to establish three distinct thoroughfares running from south to north through the building. Each band has a distinct character with a range of experiences, from culture to food to creative workspaces. The bands intersect three levels: a vibrant commercial ground plane featuring a diversity of retail and food; a second level of expansive, interactive and collaborative office space; and a 6-acre rooftop park. Openings across the three program layers not only draw visitors into the building but also create a connected network of activities.

为了将 16 英亩的场地融入到市中心的结构中,仓库被垂直打开天窗和中庭,并用新通道水平倾斜,以建立从南到北穿过建筑物的三个不同的通道。每个空间都有不同的特征,从文化到食物再到创意工作区,都有不同的体验。这些空间在三个层次上相交:一个充满活力的商业地平面,以各种零售和食品为特色;第二层宽敞、互动和协作的办公空间;和一个 6 英亩的屋顶公园。三层的开口不仅将游客吸引到建筑中,而且还创建了一个相互连接的活动网络。

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Three atriums—X, O and Z—are excavated from the existing structural grid and defined by three distinct monumental staircases linking the layers of the building. Each atrium responds to its corresponding program and culminates in an expansive 210,000 sf rooftop park and farm. The X atrium located closest to Bagby Street is an extension of the adjacent Theater District. Two paths converge at a single landing point, interconnecting the building's two levels and roofscape and intersecting the paths of visitors. The O atrium contains a more compact double helix stair optimized to fit within the grid of food stalls and kiosks that surround it. The Z atrium houses co-working spaces and lies directly north of the existing office building (to be transformed into a hotel). Here, a grand stair cuts back and forth with oversized landings that provide additional informal workspaces for the office tenants.

三个中庭——X、O 和 Z——是从现有的结构网格中挖掘出来的,由三个不同的巨大楼梯定义,连接建筑物的各层。每个中庭都响应其相应的功能,最终形成一个 210000 平方英尺的广阔屋顶公园和农场。最靠近 Bagby 街的 X 中庭是相邻剧院区的延伸。两条路径在一个着陆点汇合,将建筑物的两个楼层和屋顶景观相互连接起来,并与游客的路径相交。中庭包含一个更紧凑的双螺旋楼梯,经过优化以适应围绕它的食品摊位和售货亭的网格。 Z中庭设有联合办公空间,位于现有办公楼(将被改造成酒店)的正北。在这里,一个大楼梯被分割,为办公室租户提供额外的非正式工作空间。

The “blankness” of the existing façade is treated as a powerful identity. On the north façade, a series of vertical cuts provide light to the offices, while on the south, two new entries to the lower level are carved out into shapes that correspond to the identities of the atrium stairs. These niches reinforce the character of the building's horizontal expanse.



As it once was, the post office will remain a public building, but further enhanced to create a new openness and a gathering place for Houston. Having in recent years held large scale events such as Day for Night, the building will continue to accommodate spaces for creative experimentation house with anew event venue and an expansive, flexible cultural space.

与以前一样,邮局仍将是一座公共建筑,但进一步增强,为休斯顿创造新的开放性和聚集地。近年来举办了Day for Night等大型活动,该建筑将继续容纳创意实验屋的空间,新的活动场地和广阔、灵活的文化空间。

POST Houston engages the city at multiple levels—from the Bayou and streetscape to the warehouse and its roof. Looking out to the city with a new view to Houston's iconic downtown skyline, it highlights the site's history while simultaneously orienting the building towards an innovative future.

POST 休斯顿在多个层面上与城市互动——从河口和街景到仓库和屋顶。从休斯顿标志性的市中心天际线的新视野中眺望城市,它突出了场地的历史,同时将建筑导向创新的未来。