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Overview   概述

‘Madrid Nuevo Norte’ is an urban regeneration project located in Madrid. The objective of this ambitious project is to close a major split in the city where the railway alignment running north out of Madrid divides the city in two.The site is currently an empty space, a black hole on the map of Madrid. Although it is surrounded by reasonably consolidated areas, it is a vast expanse of unused territory of 5.5km long from north to south and at its widest is 1km east to west.


Exploiting the excellent connectivity provided by this transportation corridor, the project will reinforce and unite neighbourhoods currently isolated by this huge tear in the city’s fabric. It will also introduce a new neighbourhood tailored to the needs of businesses. This new CBD is squarely aimed at enhancing the commercial competitiveness in Madrid and of Spain as it emerges from the economic recession.

利用这条交通走廊提供的良好连通性,该项目将加强和团结目前因城市结构的巨大撕裂而孤立的社区。它还将引入一个适合企业需求的新社区。这座新的 CBD 旨在提高马德里和西班牙摆脱经济衰退后的商业竞争力。

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This is a huge project comprising 230ha of marginal urban land surrounded by neighbourhoods of various periods in Madrid’s history which all have very different characters. Isolated from each other and from the city centre, these neighbourhoods have suffered from decades of decay caused by the uncertainty of the regeneration proposals for the site. The existing Chamartín Station sits isolated at the very heart of the site. This will be redeveloped to provide a significant uplift in capacity to serve the needs of the new High-Speed rail network (AVE).

这是一个巨大的项目,包括 230 公顷的边缘城市土地,周围环绕着马德里历史上各个时期的社区,这些社区都有非常不同的特点。这些街区彼此隔离,与市中心隔离,由于该地点的更新建议的不确定性,这些街区已经遭受了数十年的衰败。现有的 Chamartín 车站位于场地的中心位置。这将被重新开发,以显着提升能力,以满足新高速铁路网络 (AVE) 的需求。

Chamartín station is a crucial public transport node with good connectivity to the city via bus, metro and tram, the capital’s region ‘Communidad de Madrid’ via an extensive commuter train network the ‘Cercaneas’ and to the rest of the Iberian Peninsula via the soon-to-be complete nationwide AVE network. Furthermore, Madrid’s Barajas Airport is only a 15-minute train ride away providing excellent links to Europe and the rest of the world.

Chamartín 车站是重要的公共交通节点,可通过公共汽车、地铁和电车与城市、首都地区“马德里社区”(通过广泛的通勤列车网络“Cercaneas”)以及Iberian Peninsula 的其他地区快速连接- 完善的全国AVE网络。此外,距马德里的Barajas 机场仅 15 分钟火车车程,提供前往欧洲和世界其他地区的良好连接。

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The location of the new CBD is also located at the nexus of a number of existing corridors of economic activity, including the ‘Paseo Castellana’ and the A1 – one of the key routes out of Madrid. One of the aims of Madrid Nuevo Norte therefore is to unite these areas into a single, coherent entity.

新中央商务区的位置也位于许多现有经济活动走廊的交汇处,包括“Paseo Castellana”和 A1——马德里以外的主要路线之一。因此,马德里新北的目标之一是将这些地区统一为一个单一的、连贯的实体。

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Concept   概念

The site’s proximity to the ‘El Pardo’ nature reserve area offers a unique opportunity to create a new CBD within easy reach of an area of natural beauty. Madrid comprises a mosaic of distinctive and varied neighbourhoods. This project aims to encourage the natural extension of each neighbourhood toward the site, rejecting the conventional development patterns of recent years where new, self-contained neighbourhoods are constructed independently and in isolation of the existing urban fabric.

该场地靠近“El Pardo”自然保护区,提供了一个独特的机会,可以在靠近自然美景的地区创建一个新的 CBD。马德里由许多独特而多样的街区组成。该项目旨在鼓励每个街区向场地自然延伸,摒弃近年来的传统开发模式,即独立建造新的、自给自足的街区并与现有城市结构隔离。

The plan includes the extension of ‘Paseo Castellana.’ This is the major structuring device for Madrid and the city’s principal public transportation corridor. As the name suggests, the ‘Paseo Castellana’ was conceived as a promenade but over the centuries it has been extended to the point where the northernmost portions are now, in effect, a major vehicular highway.

该计划包括扩建“Paseo Castellana”。这是马德里和该市主要公共交通走廊的主要结构装置。顾名思义,“Paseo Castellana”被设想为一条长廊,但几个世纪以来,它已经扩展到最北端现在实际上是一条主要的车辆高速公路。

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Our plans call for its extension north of the M30 (the Madrid innermost ring road) as a green boulevard where the presence of traffic is greatly diminished, in effect returning Castellana to the original concept of the ‘Paseo.’ This new green spine will connect with the El Pardo nature reserves, one of Madrid’s best kept secrets, thus linking two key symbols of the city; The Prado and El Pardo.

我们的计划要求将其延伸至 M30(马德里最内环环路)以北,作为一条绿色大道,在那里交通流量大大减少,实际上将 Castellana 带回了“Paseo”的原始概念。这条新的绿色脊柱将连接起来El Pardo 自然保护区是马德里最保守的秘密之一,因此连接了这座城市的两个关键标志;Prado 和El Pardo。

Madrid is in the process of a radical shift in the mobility strategy with increased restrictions being placed on the circulation of traffic to the historic centre. Our vision for the rejuvenation of Castellana as a ‘Paseo de Paseos’ for Madrid and for Spain, is timely and could well assume the role of talisman as the city explores plans of a more sustainable mobility strategy.

马德里的交通战略正在发生根本性转变,对通往历史中心的交通流通施加了更多限制。我们将Castellana 复兴为马德里和西班牙的“Paseo de Paseos”的愿景是及时的,并且可以很好地扮演护身符的角色,因为该市正在探索更可持续的交通战略计划。

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