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Two Towers – sculpted to generate spaces with the surrounding context – create a civic nucleus symbiotically inscribed within the city. The design for this Malaysian-Singaporean joint venture actively engages the space of the surrounding city to form a new civic nucleus in Singapore’s modern metropolis. The two towers are not conceived as autonomous objects, but defined by the spaces they create around them.

两座塔楼 - 被雕刻成与周围环境产生空间 - 创造了一个共生铭刻在城市中的城市核心。这家马来西亚-新加坡合资企业的设计积极利用周边城市的空间,在新加坡的现代大都市中形成一个新的城市核心。这两座塔楼并不是被认为是自主的物体,而是由它们在它们周围创造的空间来定义的。

Singapore consistently ranks as one of Asia’s most livable cities. However, it is increasingly dominated by isolated individual towers that favor exclusion over social connectivity. The prescribed zoning confronts the project with a dual dilemma: it splits the site into two separate pieces, and leaves large, bulky footprints for the resulting tower envelopes which risk overpowering the surroundings and the intimate scale of the adjacent historic Kampong Glam district.

新加坡一直被评为亚洲最宜居的城市之一。然而,它越来越多地被孤立的塔楼所主导,这些塔倾向于排斥社会连通性。规定的分区使该项目面临双重困境:它将场地分成两个独立的部分,并为由此产生的塔式围护结构留下大而笨重的形态,这可能会压倒周围环境和邻近历史悠久的 Kampong Glam 区的私密空间。


The design for DUO subtracts circular carvings from the allowable building volumes in a series of concave movements that generate urban spaces – a kind of “urban poché” that co-opts adjacent buildings and symbiotically inscribes the two towers into their context.

DUO 的设计用一系列手法从建筑体量中减去圆形体量,产生城市凹形空间 - 一种“城市空间”,选择相邻的建筑物,并将两座塔共生地铭刻在它们的环境中。

By generating the massing through a subtractive process, the elevations of the new towers are reduced to slender profiles. Vertical facades rise skywards along the adjoining roads, while a net-like hexagonal pattern of sunshades reinforces the dynamic concave shapes. The duo of tower volumes is further sculpted to feature a series of cantilevers and setbacks that evoke choreographed kinetic movements of the building silhouettes.



The buildings dematerialize as they reach the ground to provide a porous permeable landscape traversing the site. Leisure zones and gardens act as a connector between multiple transport hubs and establish a flow of tropical greenery and lively commercial activity, accessible to the public 24 hours a day. A plaza, carved into the center of the towers and integrating the neighboring building as part of its perimeter, forms a new public nexus between the historic district of Kampong Glam and the extension of the city’s commercial corridor.

建筑物在到达地面时会消失,以提供穿过场地的可渗透的景观。休闲区和花园作为多个交通枢纽之间的连接器,形成热带绿色植物和热闹的商业活动,全天 24 小时向公众开放。一个广场,设计在塔的中心,并将邻近的建筑作为其周边的一部分,在历史悠久的 Kampong Glam 区和城市商业走廊的延伸部分之间形成了一个新的公共联系。

Multiple levels of vertical connectivity give access to large elevated terraces for the hotel and residents, a public observation deck and a sky restaurant atop the office/hotel tower, while establishing a direct connection to the adjacent underground MRT subway station. Vehicular traffic is lifted off the ground to allow uninterrupted pedestrian circulation. Extensive landscape areas at the ground levels, elevated terraces, and roofscapes provide accessible green space equal to 100% of the site area.

多层垂直连通性为酒店和居民提供了通往大型高架露台、公共观景台和办公/酒店塔楼顶部的空中餐厅的通道,同时与相邻的地铁地铁站建立了直接连接。车辆被抬离地面,以保证行人畅通无阻。地面上广阔的景观区域、高架露台和屋顶景观提供了相当于场地面积 100% 的无障碍绿地。


The development incorporates environmental strategies through passive and active energy efficient design and naturally ventilated spaces. The building’s orientation is optimized to prevailing sun and wind angles, while the concave building massing captures and channels wind flows through and across the site, fostering cool microclimates within the shaded outdoor spaces.


Embracing civic spaces in a symbiotic relationship with each other and thereby transforming the surrounding multivalent urban fabric, the two sculpted towers act as urban space generators. In 2021, DUO won the prestigious CTBUH Urban Habitat Award for the Single Site Scale category.

以相互共生的关系拥抱城市空间,从而改变周围的多重城市结构,两座雕塑般的塔楼充当了城市空间的发生器。2021 年,DUO 凭借单一场地规模类别赢得了久负盛名的 CTBUH 城市人居奖。


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