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The future of the city is a forest. In this age of climate change and resource depletion, we desperately need forests to provide us with clean air and renewable resources, while providing space for populations of animals and birds and giving people the possibility to walk, wander, play and enjoy the beauty of the forest. There is such a forest in Almere, the Netherlands: urban forest Almeerderhout.

城市的未来是一片森林。在这个气候变化和资源枯竭的时代,我们迫切需要森林为我们提供清洁的空气和可再生资源,同时为动物和鸟类的种群提供空间,让人们可以步行、漫步、玩耍和享受大自然的美景——森林。荷兰 Almere 就有这样的一片森林:城市森林Almeerderhout。

Measuring 1400 hectares the Almeerderhout is the largest urban forest of the Netherlands. However, this forest is in a derelict state. Staatsbosbeheer (the state forestry) and the city of Almere share the ambition to transform the Almeerderhout into the urban forest of the future. An urban forest that evolves in parallel with the city’s changing societal needs and contributes to a green and healthy environment. Together with Staatsbosbeheer, the city of Almere, and a group of stakeholders and experts, LOLA landscape architects worked on the Almeerderhout Development Plan.

Almeerderhout 占地 1400 公顷,是荷兰最大的城市森林。然而,这片森林处于荒废状态。 Staatsbosbeheer(国家林业)和 Almere 市都有将 Almeerderhout 转变为未来城市森林的雄心。城市森林与城市不断变化的社会需求同步发展,有助于营造绿色健康的环境。 LOLA 景观设计师与Almere 市 Staatsbosbeheer 以及一群利益相关者和专家一起制定了 Almeerderhout 发展计划。


The Almeerderhout Development Plan is based on a combination of needs, policies and environmental challenges. It beholds more than just programmatic additions and alternative forest management strategies. The Almeerderhout Development Plan places local residents in a central role in the development of the urban forest when it comes to programming and implementation. The Almeerderhout Development Plan will be realized in several phases. The first phase will run from 2022 to 2025 and will include a forest route, the diversification of forest types, new connections to neighbourhoods and two iconic destinations.

Almeerderhout 发展计划基于需求、政策和环境挑战的结合。它所看到的不仅仅是计划性的增加和替代的森林管理战略。在规划和实施方面,Almeerderhout 发展计划将当地居民置于城市森林发展的核心角色。 Almeerderhout 开发计划将分几个阶段实现。第一阶段将从 2022 年持续到 2025 年,将包括一条森林路线、森林类型的多样化、与社区的新连接和两个标志性目的地。

1. Merged with the city   与城市合并

Improved connections merge the urban forest seamlessly with the blue green landscape structures of the city and adjacent neighbourhoods. Becoming the forested counterpart of the Weerwater lake, they will be experienced together as one large body of recreational space for the city of Almere and beyond.

改善的连接将城市森林与城市和邻近社区的蓝绿色景观结构无缝融合。成为 Weerwater 湖的森林对应物,它们将作为 Almere 市及其他地区的一个大型休闲空间一起体验。


2. Enhanced ecological continuity   增强生态连续性

Direct ecological links to nearby natural areas such as Horsterwold, Weerwater, Gooimeer and Eemvallei activate the urban forest`s central position and potential for ecological continuity. Important local natural areas will be interconnected and improved with more freedom for natural processes. This will result in a continuous chain of `wild forest` linking adjacent natural areas.

与附近自然区域(如 Horsterwold、Weerwater、Gooimeer 和 Eemvallei)的直接生态联系激活了城市森林的中心地位和生态连续性的潜力。重要的当地自然区域将通过自然过程的更多自由相互联系和改善。这将产生连接相邻自然区域的连续“野生森林”链。


3. Innovative identity-based maintenance strategy   创新的基于身份的维护策略

Forest maintenance based on identity instead of individual species. Local differences in abiotic conditions of soil and water are the foundation of a new forest management strategy to establish a biodiverse deciduous forest. To achieve this, fragile monoculture forestry ploys will be transformed into diverse and complex forest identities with a strong focus on adaptation to new climatic realities.



4. Iconic forest destinations   标志性的森林目的

The addition of several new iconic attraction points and wonderful destinations will popularize the forest for locals and the rest of the Netherlands. These iconic destinations will reflect core identity characteristics of specific forest zones. Constructed as showcases of aesthetics and innovation they offer unique and spectacular experiences to visitors ranging from land-art to makerspaces to wildlife spotting and more.



5. Connected the one-of-a-kind Almeerderhout Forest Loop   连接独一无二的 Almeerderhout Forest Loop

The Urban Forest Almeerderhout consists of several larger forested areas, interconnected by one path: the Almeerderhout Forest Loop. This path is not just one of many: it has a unique design and has its own face: its own material and size appropriate to the city of Almere. If you are on this path, you are in Urban Forest Almeerderhout.

城市森林 Almeerderhout 由几个较大的森林区域组成,通过一条路径相互连接:Almeerderhout 森林环路。这条道路不仅仅是众多道路中的一条:它拥有独特的设计和自己的面貌:它自己的材料和适合 Almere 市的大小。如果您在这条路上,您就在城市森林 Almeerderhout 中。


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