As project sales pass major milestone, on-site works are commencing ahead of schedule on the striking residential tower for downtown Vancouver, with both architecture and interiors conceived by Ole Scheeren as a holistic vision of living.


Fifteen Fifteen by Ole Scheeren is a branded luxury condominium that introduces a new kind of three-dimensional urban living to Vancouver, with an unparalleled high-rise architecture, where sculptural glass cantilevers reach out across the city and towards the nature beyond.

品牌豪华公寓Fifteen Fifteen by Ole Scheeren,是一幢无与伦比的超高层建筑,为温哥华带来一种新型立 体三维都市居住生活,雕塑般的悬臂式玻璃结构从大楼的垂直体向外突出,在城市上空水平延展,让人们置身于大自然的壮丽景观之上。


The tower is Buro Ole Scheeren’s first architectural project being realized in North America and an expression of distinct design ethos and expertise. Every element of the development, from its exterior architecture through to the landscaping and carefully crafted interiors, manifests the future of urban living as a statement of architectural precision and ingenuity.

这是奥雷·舍人事务所在北美的首件即将落成的建筑作品,也是一个展示他出色设计理念和专业才华的宣言。从建筑外观,景观到精心雕琢的室内空间,精心雕刻的每一个设计元素蕴含的建筑精确性和独创性,都将展 现都市生活的未来。

“My vision for Fifteen Fifteen was to forge an immersive, three-dimensional connection between nature, urban living, and personal space,” says Ole Scheeren. “The building actively positions the individual within its distinct community and embraces Vancouver’s breathtaking landscape.”

“我对Fifteen Fifteen的设计愿景,是在自然、城市生活和私人空间之间建立一种沉浸式的立体三维联系。” 奥雷·舍人说,“这座建筑将人们置于独特社区中,并巧妙融入温哥华令人赞叹的景观。



With Fifteen Fifteen, Developers Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties have committed to a holistic vision of architecture and commissioned Buro Ole Scheeren for the design of every aspect of the project. Across the building’s 202 residences and communal spaces, a palette of natural materials, colors, and textures recur to create coherence and continuity between the building’s luxurious residences and signature architecture.

发展商Bosa Properties和Kingswood Properties 致力于维持建筑整体性的愿景,并委托奥雷舍人事务 所匠心设计项目的各个方面。在建筑的202个住宅单 元和公共空间中,自然风格的材料、颜色和纹理反复 出现,在奢华的住宅和标志性建筑之间创造一致性和 连续性。

“All too often, developments separate architecture from interiors and apply a decorative fit-out which has nothing to do with the building itself,” says Scheeren. “With Fifteen Fifteen, we have created complete unity between the two and my concept of three-dimensional living in proximity to nature and the city is present throughout the project. It gives the residences a distinct character of livability and comfort.”

“通常情况下,发展商选择将建筑与室内设计分离,并采用与建筑本身无关的室内设计风格。”舍人说,“在Fifteen Fifteen的设计中,我们得以在两者之间 创造了完全的统一,我的三维生活理念接近自然,使 城市的风景存在于项目的每个角落。它赋予住宅具有 宜居性和舒适性的鲜明特征。

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The sculptural architecture generates 69 diverse apartment types across the building, all laid out to maximize space and light, with the cantilevers providing completely unique 270 degree panoramic views. Warm wooden floors are echoed by matching ceilings, emphasizing the horizontality of the building’s floorplans, and creating elevated urban spaces more reminiscent of villas than tower apartments.

雕塑般的建筑造型使整个大楼能够拥有69款多样化 的住宅户型,所有的布局都是为了最大限度地利用 空间和光线,悬臂式结构提供了绝佳的270度全景视 野。温暖的木地板与风格一致的天花板相互呼应,强 调了建筑平面图的水平一致性,创造了更像别墅而不 是塔式公寓的悬浮城市空间。

One of the spectacular cantilevers of the tower houses the Sky Lounge: a shared communal space floating above the city, open to all residents. It contains a specially designed modular seating system that can be rearranged to suit residents’ needs, and whose undulating form mirrors the clouds and mountains of the surrounding landscape.

空中休息室位于塔楼的一个壮观的悬臂之上:一个悬浮在城市上空,向所有居民开放的公共休憩空间。休息室 内设有特别设计的模块化座椅系统,可以根据居民的需要重新排列,其起伏的造型与窗外云和山脉的优美景 观相互呼应。

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Designed to create communal engagement, the tower's openness to Vancouver and its residents is further reflected in the building's program. On the ground floor an artisan café will activate the newly created public space surrounding the tower, signaling Fifteen Fifteen by Ole Scheeren as a valuable addition to civic and cultural life.

塔楼的设计旨在创造社区互动,它对温哥华及其居民的开放性进一步体 在建筑包含的各个功能中。在一层,一家创意咖啡馆将激活塔楼周围新创建的公共空间,标志着Fifteen Fifteen by Ole Scheeren 对社区公共文化生活的宝贵补充功能。

Honoring the site’s original character, the design is preserving the historic reflecting pool and water cascade, while creating multiple new public spaces and pathways to ensure easy access and liveliness of the plaza and thereby restoring public value to the city – a cornerstone of all of Ole Scheeren’s projects.

为了尊重场地的原始特征,设计保留了具有历史意义的水池及水景瀑布,同时创造了多个新的公共空间和通 道,以确保广场的便利性和宜居性,从而恢复城市的公共价值——这也是奥雷·舍人所有项目的基石。

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