Commissioned by the Armenian non-profit organisation DAR Foundation for Regional Development and Competitiveness, MVRDV's vision for the Gagarin Valley will make the 34,000-hectare area more sustainable and ecologically diverse. In the Gagarin Valley, 10,000 plant species will soon flourish on as many plots. With the help of innovative facilities and future-proof housing that will add 12,000 new housing units, the valley will become an ideal base for sustainable agriculture and ecotourism and welcome a new generation of residents.

Armenian非营利组织 DAR 区域发展和竞争力基金会的委托,MVRDV 对 Gagarin 山谷的愿景将使 34000 公顷的地区更具可持续性和生态多样性。在Gagarin 山谷,10000 种植物很快就会在同样多的土地上繁衍生息。借助将新增 12000 个新住房单元的创新设施和面向未来的住房,该山谷将成为可持续农业和生态旅游的理想基地,并欢迎新一代居民。

Armenia's Gagarin Valley – named after cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin – is located near Lake Sevan, the largest lake in the Caucasus and only 50 kilometres from the capital Yerevan. Surrounded by mountains, roughly 11,000 inhabitants live in several villages spread throughout the valley. The landscape consists of a patchwork of different pieces of land, of which the local community owns about one third.

Armenia 的 Gagarin 山谷——以宇航员 Yuri Gagarin 命名——位于高加索地区最大的湖泊 Sevan 湖附近,距离首都 Yerevan 仅 50 公里。四面环山,大约 11000 名居民生活在遍布山谷的几个村庄中。景观由不同的土地拼凑而成,当地社区拥有其中约三分之一的土地。

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Commissioned by the DAR Foundation for Regional Development and Competitiveness, MVRDV designed a vision for the area in which the potential of the valley is optimised and various facilities are added. The ambition, which will be realised in consultation with local parties, is to turn the valley into a versatile and future-proof landscape that is suitable for sustainable agriculture on various scales. Gagarin Valley must become a more attractive place to live in, as well as an area for ecotourism and recreation, serving as a destination for people to walk, hike, cycle, and ride horses.

受 DAR 区域发展和竞争力基金会的委托,MVRDV 为该地区设计了一个愿景,在该地区优化了山谷的潜力并增加了各种设施。将与当地各方协商实现的目标是将山谷变成一个多功能且面向未来的景观,适合各种规模的可持续农业。Gagarin 谷必须成为一个更有吸引力的居住地,以及生态旅游和休闲区,成为人们步行、远足、骑自行车和骑马的目的地。

The first step towards this self-sustaining valley is to embrace the history of the area: the mosaic of 10,000 existing plots will be preserved and reinforced, and the water system in this dry region will be improved by lining the boundaries between them with canals, public paths, and greenery. This forms the base of the valley masterplan, reducing evaporation while enhancing water buffers and biodiversity. On each plot, different species will be planted. This will not only make the landscape visually more attractive, but will also stimulate economic diversity.

迈向这个自给自足的山谷的第一步是拥抱该地区的历史:将保留和加强 10000 个现有地块的图案,并通过在它们之间的边界上铺设运河来改善这个干旱地区的水系统,公共道路和绿化。这构成了山谷总体规划的基础,减少了蒸发,同时增强了水缓冲和生物多样性。在每个地块上,将种植不同的物种。这不仅会使景观在视觉上更具吸引力,还将刺激经济多样性。

In the valley, existing roads will continue to form the starting point for connecting all the villages. Additional walking and cycling paths are created within existing structures. Water management will be improved tremendously: the restoration and enlargement of the route of the Hrazdan River, in combination with the new canal system, is an important part of the vision, and water reservoirs in the mountains and other water sources can be used to irrigate farmland.

在山谷中,现有道路将继续成为连接所有村庄的起点。在现有结构中创建了额外的步行和自行车道。水资源管理将大大改善:Hrazdan 河路线的恢复和扩建,结合新的运河系统,是愿景的重要组成部分,山区水库和其他水源可用于灌溉农田。

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A base for sustainable agriculture and ecotourism: MVRDV launches vision for self-sufficient valley in Armenia

可持续农业和生态旅游基地:MVRDV 推出 Armenia 自给自足山谷的愿景

“The area is named after Yuri Gagarin, who was the first human to orbit the earth; he saw the planet’s vulnerability, a house in need of extra care, as many other astronauts have since stressed. I share that concern: stimulating biodiversity, improving water management and the ecosystem is of great importance for the future of the Gagarin Valley and the world,” says MVRDV founding partner Winy Maas. “The valley can be seen as a series of test fields for the 10,000 species that will soon flourish there, an enrichment that will give the area the appearance of a garden of Eden.”

“该地区以Yuri Gagarin 命名,他是第一个绕地球飞行的人;他看到了地球的脆弱性,一座需要额外照顾的空间,正如许多其他宇航员所强调的那样。我也有同样的担忧:刺激生物多样性、改善水资源管理和生态系统对于加加林山谷和世界的未来非常重要,”MVRDV 创始合伙人 Winy Maas 说。 “这个山谷可以被看作是 10000 种物种的一系列试验田,这些物种很快就会在那里繁衍生息,这将使该地区看起来像一个 Eden。”

The Gagarin Valley has several villages, some featuring buildings from Soviet times. These will be transformed into the new buildings to waste as little building materials as possible. Traditional Armenian farmhouses will form the inspiration for the newly built homes, to which green, vegetated roofs will be added. This new future and the innovative, sustainable housing will make the valley attractive for different target groups and make the area attractive again for young Armenians.

Gagarin 山谷有几个村庄,其中一些以苏联时代的建筑为特色。这些将被改造成新建筑,以尽可能少的浪费建筑材料。传统的Armenian 农舍将成为新建房屋的灵感来源,并将添加绿色植被屋顶。这个新的未来和创新、可持续的住房将使山谷对不同的目标群体具有吸引力,并使该地区再次对年轻的Armenians 有吸引力。

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The patchwork of 10,000 different gardens will contain various facilities that will make a stay in the valley even more attractive. The vision proposes a market hall, a commercial centre, a centre for the arts, and a sunken stadium for 4,500 visitors. The heart of the valley will be formed by an educational agricultural centre, around which the highest density can be found, with houses stacked to form vertical villages.

10000 个不同的花园错落有致,将包含各种设施,让您在山谷中逗留更具吸引力。该愿景提出了一个市场大厅、一个商业中心、一个艺术中心和一个可容纳 4500 名游客的下沉式体育场。山谷的中心将由一个教育农业中心形成,周围密度最高,房屋堆叠形成垂直村庄。

“We designed a sphere that acts as mini-planet, where the classrooms surround a spherical void and where all the species of the valley and beyond are shown and monitored”, adds Winy Maas. “The sphere will be surrounded by a central park that contains all the species – a scientific arboretum, reflected in the mirroring sphere. Gagarin would have loved it, I think.”

“我们设计了一个充当迷你星球的球体,教室围绕着一个球形空间,山谷及其他地区的所有物种都被监控显示”,Winy Maas 补充道。 “这个球体将被一个包含所有物种的中央公园包围——一个科学植物园,反映在镜像球体中。 我想,Gagarin 会喜欢的。”

MVRDV's vision fits in well with Armenia's ambition: the government wants to provide financial support for sustainable agriculture and has ambitions to revive tourism to the area. By 2026, the country aims to attract some 2.5 million tourists a year, to which the transformed Gagarin Valley will make a significant contribution.

MVRDV 的愿景与Armenia 的雄心不谋而合:政府希望为可持续农业提供财政支持,并有重振该地区旅游业的雄心。 到 2026 年,该国的目标是每年吸引约 250 万游客,改造后的Armenia 山谷将为此做出重大贡献。

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