赢得天津大学佐治亚理工深圳学院校区建设工程全过程设计招标 | HENN, AUBE


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现代大都市中的桃花源   Hidden heaven in modern metropolitan


The design is inspired by the unique experience of the site: the campus is surrounded by mountains and suddenly enlightened with entering through a tunnel. The design pursues the maximum harmonious symbiosis with nature and the city: the architectural layout is scattered and orderly, which is slowly unfolded relying on the mountain; The building volume is modest and simple, hidden in the mountains and forests, as if it were a part of nature; the boundary between the school and the city is open and friendly, does not block the surrounding mountain view, and invites the public to share and participate. In this hidden academic paradise, teachers and students can freely seek inward and draw academic inspiration from nature; It can also actively explore outside and obtain energy from the innovation ecology of cities and industries.

依山就势的聚落校园 – 规划可持续   Settlement campus relying on the mountain – urban sustainability   


The urban design is clear and efficient. As the core of the campus, the teaching and research area is located in the central flat plot; The "colorful garden" in the teachers' living area and the "Luoying garden" in the students' living area are divided into the east and west sides, built along the mountain. The public landscape axis connects three zones in series to open the east west view. Combined with the grid texture of the old campus of Tianjin University, the slow-moving system is arranged to create a pleasant scale.


Breaking the whole into parts has the following advantages: first, it has high flexibility and can operate flexibly; the second is modularization, which adapts to the possible adjustment brought by the rapid development of disciplines; thirdly, the buildings can be arranged according to the mountain, and the earthmoving in the site is balanced; finally, the cost of construction and time are more controllable.

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传承两校的新工科校园 - 创新可持续   New engineering campus inheriting of the two universities– innovative sustainability


What kind of space does new engineering education needed to stimulate a steady stream of innovation? Based on the new engineering education model, academic cluster is centralized and highly connected to stimulate exchanges on the greatest extent. Production education and research room, project-based teaching unit, all sharing platforms and they are woven into an innovation matrix. The academic market located in the central courtyard is concentrated, and there are no boundaries between various teaching and research scenes, which inspire each other.

与自然相和谐的近零碳校园 - 环境可持续   Nearly Zero Carbon Campus harmony with nature - environmental sustainability


Based on the natural base of the site and the green development path of the campus, after full investigation of colleges and universities in China and abroad, a two-step strategy is proposed: achieve nearly zero energy consumption of the whole park when it is completed; the student activity center serves as a zero carbon or negative carbon pilot to provide experience and data accumulation.

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岭南特色的现代校园 - 文化可持续   Modern campus with Lingnan characteristics - cultural sustainability


The design extracts the common memory points of two campus: water system, public axis and local vegetation. At the same time, it abstracts the landscape elements of Lingnan gardens and translates them into modern academic space, such as the sunken courtyard of academic market, the wetland and theater on the ecological water bank, the water courtyard and sunshade corridor in the living area, etc.


Learn from the traditional Lingnan living wisdom, the design applied the layout techniques of "cold alley, water management, patio and wind corridor" into architectural layout, to lay a solid basis for a zero-carbon campus.


The relationship between the campus and the site is natural without too many traces of carving. The spatial charm of the campus does not depend on a certain landmark building, but comes from the precise and orderly overall sequence, the ups and downs of many courtyards, and the spatial experience of different scenery. GTSI is happy at ease between the mountains and rivers as a whole and keeps growing in Shenzhen, a world-class innovative city.

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