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Located at the intersection of Guangzhou City Central Axis and Pearl River, Lijiao Core Area in Haizhu Innovation Bay envisions a hub for innovation leading enterprises, attracting talents and tourism.


During the process of urban regeneration of the area, Gensler brought up a vision that goes beyond merely creating a landmark. Following a careful examination of Lijiao’s cultural heritage, historic water town in the west, and its eco environment of spacious Haizhu Wetland in the east, the design of the master plan aspires to carry the cultural legacy and bring authenticity to Guangzhou’s urban fabric. The project emphasizes on resilience in order to preserve natural resources, enhance performance, and elevate human experience.


像素城市   "Pixels City"


The concept of a “Pixel City” embodies a belief that by breaking down the urban complexity into smaller parts, it creates experiential parts or pixels. Gensler approaches the design of 287,000 square meters master plan with a holistic overview highlighting the local scale of development as a breakdown in multiple pixels.

什么是像素城市?像素城市就是对城市设计进行精细化拆解,将其分成小的组成部分,包括健康像素、活力像素、能效像素、智慧像素以及文化像素。- Hasan Syed, Gensler上海副总裁及设计总监

What is a 'pixel city'? Pixel city is a delicate breakdown of urban design proportions into smaller urban components, including wellness pixels, vitality pixels, efficiency pixels, Intelligence pixels and cultural pixels. - Hasan Syed, Principal and Design Director at Gensler Shanghai

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文化像素 与 活力像素   Cultural and Vitality Pixels


Despite the landmark large scale of the project, the design team aspires to create a fabric that resembles the southern city’s unique character and pays homage to the traditional lifestyle of Lijiao. The ground plan of buildings merges symbiotically with the surrounding sidewalks and public spaces, generating the hustle and bustle of the city life.


To carry on the cultural legacy into the future and to demonstrate the vitality of waterfront area, various of typologies of architectural forms and concepts are incorporated alongside its varied functions including TOD-hub, eco-campus, and lifestyle community. The variety also allows a large degree of flexibility to adapt for future challenges.

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健康像素   Wellness Pixels


Given Lijiao’s delicate natural environment including the wetland and the Pearl River, the design solution focuses on low-impact and adaptive strategies. The masterplan incorporates the riverside park as an organic part of the entire ecological framework. The wetland is preserved as a green corridor that extends the central axis and will become a green space, bringing wellness for people working and living around the area.


Green design elements such as rain gardens and ecological ditches are included to co-create a healthy and resilient environment.


能效像素 与 智慧像素   Efficiency and Intelligence Pixels


With two existing crossing metro lines, bus terminals, trams, and piers, the area is expected to develop into a vital transportation hub. To maximize the commercial value of the TOD and to create a convenient access for visitors from three separate plots, the team lays out sophisticated connection in a holistic way that utilizes sunken plazas, pedestrian corridors, trails as well as existing landscape. Smart street technologies are introduced to enrich people’s experiences.


The planning would also help build a neighborhood where every commercial, residential, and institutional need is within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from one another.



By analyzing and designing Lijiao Core Area in Haizhu Innovation Bay from the perspective of pixels, the design explores the possibility of preserving the past legacy while imagining the future. The project demonstrates Gensler’s insight in developing a new landmark while responding to ESG requirements and embodies our belief in the power of design to change the Haizhu Bay Area.

大街小巷,人声鼎沸,鱼粥翻滚,一盅两件,岭南水乡,榕阴问月,宗祠码头,榕树水道,小船驳岸,这是作为一个广州人能够回想起来关于这里的市井百态,也是最具原真性的生活场景。作为设计师,我们非常荣幸能参与到‘老城新生’这样具有时代意义的新思潮城市运动;希望在海珠沥滘创新片区,我们构建新天际线的同时,能够回归广州的生活尺度,承载人们对街区,对文化,对包罗万象的美好生活的期许。- 庄顼琳, Gensler上海资深城市设计师

The streets and alleys, the water towns and barges, the authentic life scenes … these are the sights and smell of Guangzhou. As designers, we are very honored to participate in the new ideological urban regeneration movement. With our designs for the Haizhu Lijiao Innovation Area, we hope the new sceneries and skyline can carry the authencity and heritage of the people of Guangzhou. - Shirlin Zhuang, Senior Asociate and Senior Urban Designerat Gensler Shanghai

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设计单位:M. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates, Inc.



项目面积:287,116平方米(用地面积)   2,048,966平方米(计容建筑面积)




Hasan Syed (设计总监)

庄顼琳 (大中华区规划领域负责人)

Hai Tran (城市设计师)

王璎珞 (城市设计师)

陈玉冰 (城市设计师)

吴帅 (建筑设计师)

管骏涛 (建筑设计师)

郑功 (建筑设计师)


顾锷 (技术总监)

谭丹妮 (项目建筑师)

聂航 (项目建筑师)


刘经彦 (项目总监)

张苳 (资深设计经理(建筑设计))

蒋玮娇 (设计经理(城市设计))

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