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Foster + Partners has completed the first office tower in the newly regenerated Suhewan area of Shanghai. The Suhe Centre for China Resources Land forms the centrepiece of the Suhewan East Urban Complex, which introduces a rich mix of functions to the predominantly residential area. The 200 metre, 42-storey signature tower is part of the city’s vision to draw development towards the eastern quarter.

Foster + Partners 已经在上海重建的苏河湾地区完成了第一座办公楼。 华润置地的苏河湾中心是苏河湾东城市综合体的核心,为以住宅为主的区域引入了丰富的功能。 这座 200 米、42 层高的标志性塔楼是该市向东区发展的愿景的一部分。

The Suhe Centre has obtained LEED Platinum certification and has a Green Building 2 Star rating. This is due to a comprehensive sustainability strategy which includes recycling rainwater for irrigation, intelligent systems for optimising the indoor environment and air quality monitoring, bicycle parking and charging spaces.

苏河湾中心已获得 LEED 白金认证,并获得绿色建筑 2 星评级。 这归功于一项全面的可持续发展战略,其中包括循环利用雨水进行灌溉、优化室内环境和空气质量监测的智能系统、自行车停车位和充电站。

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Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners, said: “The Suhe Centre plays a central role in activating Suhewan and creating a vibrant new piece of the city. The tower has been designed to enhance wellbeing, with plenty of natural light and open, column free workspaces. It offers great views of the Jing An district, the Historical Bund, Pudong Lujiazui and the Huangpu and Suhe rivers. Its flexible floorplates allow for a range of different layouts to support contemporary ways of working.”

Foster + Partners 工作室负责人 Gerard Evenden 表示:“苏河湾中心在激活苏河湾和打造充满活力的新城市片区方面发挥着核心作用。 塔楼的设计旨在提升幸福感,拥有充足的自然光线和开放式无柱工作空间。 坐拥静安区、历史悠久的外滩、浦东陆家嘴以及黄浦江和苏河的美景。 其灵活的楼层空间允许一系列不同的布局,以支持现代工作方式。”

The building is situated alongside a new urban public green area and Shanghai Suhe Centre MixC, with excellent connections to Line 10 Tiantong Road metro station, acting as a catalyst for bringing people and new businesses to the area. The expressed structure of the tower draws on the industrial aesthetic of the historical Zhejiang Road Bridge and nearby warehouse buildings. The tower’s dark glazing reduces reflective glare and contrasts with the stainless-steel structural frame, which has been pulled away from the corners to maximise views out.

该建筑位于新的城市公共绿地和上海苏河湾中心 MixC 旁边,与 10 号线天童路地铁站相连,交通便利,成为该地区吸引人流和新企业的催化剂。 塔楼的表达结构借鉴了历史悠久的浙江路桥和附近仓库建筑的工业美学。 塔楼的深色玻璃减少了反射眩光,并与不锈钢结构框架形成鲜明对比,不锈钢结构框架角落打开,以最大限度地扩大视野。

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Undulating wall panels inside the Tower lobby visually elongate the 11-metre-tall lobby space, creating a grand sense of arrival for the building’s occupants and visitors. Daylight filters through louvres above the entrance canopy to produce dancing shadows across the walls and floor. A unique reception desk is imprinted with a historic map of Suhe River, to commemorate the history of the site.

塔楼大堂内起伏的墙面在视觉上拉长了 11 米高的大堂空间,为大楼的住户和访客营造出一种大气感受。 日光透过入口雨棚上方的百叶窗过滤,在墙壁和地板上产生舞动的阴影。 独特的接待台上印有苏河历史地图,以纪念场地的历史。

The lower levels of the tower capture views of the park to the west. As the building rises above the surrounding low-rise residential fabric it opens up to stunning 360-degree panoramic views. Every corner of the tower is a full-height glass space that frames a unique view of the city.

塔楼的较低楼层可以欣赏到西面公园的景色。 当建筑物高出周围的低层住宅结构时,它可以欣赏到令人惊叹的 360 度全景。 塔的每个角部空间都是一个通高的玻璃空间,构成了独特的城市景观。

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The column-free, flexible office floorplates have been designed to suit a variety of layouts, from single to multiple tenancies. Every level has detachable floor slabs to allow for connections between them. Along the western façade, the middle section of the building is recessed to allow natural light to flood the office spaces with a row of scenic lifts located within this recess to maximise views of the park and river.

无柱、灵活的办公楼层设计适合各种布局,从单租户到多租户。 每一层都有可拆卸的楼板,以允许它们之间的连接。 沿着西立面,建筑物的中间部分是凹进的,让自然光充满办公空间,在这个凹进处有一排观光电梯,可以最大限度地欣赏公园和河流的景色。

Emily Phang, Senior Partner, Foster + Partners, added: “It has been a great privilege to design the first office tower in Suhewan. We have worked closely with China Resources Land to create a landmark building that offers truly modern workspaces which prioritise city and park views, comfort and flexibility. The Suhe Centre is an exciting new addition to the city and an integral part of their vision to bring new business to the eastern quarter.”

Foster + Partners 高级合伙人 Emily Phang 补充说:“能够在苏河湾设计第一座办公楼是我的荣幸。 我们与华润置地密切合作,打造一座地标性建筑,提供真正现代化的工作空间,优先考虑城市和公园景观、舒适性和灵活性。 苏河湾中心是这座城市令人兴奋的新建筑,也是他们为东部地区带来新业务的愿景中不可或缺的一部分。”

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