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The Student Academic & Administration Building (SAAB, B22), a multi-use building, will be located along the northern edge of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Kensington Campus, along High Street, forming a new student and campus focal point for a university gaining international acclaim. As a new learning and working environment, the building will help cultivate knowledge, increase learning opportunities, facilitate social connections, and stimulate interactions amongst students and faculty, helping students grow whilst further propelling the university’s global recognition.

学生学术与行政大楼 (SAAB, B22) 是一座多功能建筑,将位于新南威尔士大学 (UNSW) 肯辛顿校区的北部边缘,沿着 High Street,为一所获得国际赞誉的大学形成一个新的学生和校园焦点。 作为一个新的学习和工作环境,该建筑将有助于学生培养,增加学习机会,促进社会联系,并激励学生和教师之间的互动,帮助学生成长,同时进一步推动大学的全球认可。

Shaped for and by the flow of users, students and staff, the B22 building is a welcoming gateway to the campus. The building’s external, public persona pulls the visitors internally, with corners of the building’s massing lifted, to express a generous entry and a path that continues through the ground floor program and activity. Starting at ground level, the building will embrace Library Lawn to the south and west with student-led social and study spaces as well as active, food and beverage venue spill out from within, promoting a lively and accessible environment where the interior and exterior spaces become indistinguishable.

B22 大楼专为用户、学生和教职员工的流动而设计,是校园的迎接门户。 建筑的外部公共形象将游客吸引到内部,建筑体量的角部被抬起,以表达一个开阔的入口和一条贯穿底层功能和活动的路径。 从地面层开始,该建筑将在南面和西面环绕图书馆草坪,提供由学生主导的社交和学习空间以及活动的餐饮场所,从内部向外延伸,营造出一个充满活力和便利的环境,融合室内和室外空间。


Interacting across spaces   跨空间互动

The building’s overall design language continues through the podium. This is made up of a series of stepped and terraced blocks with integrated landscape elements externally, that visually continue from Library Lawn to the external study terraces. The lower levels of the podium are largely orientated towards students with a rich and varied study environment that encompasses many different possibilities for private, group, planned or spontaneous learning activities. The notion that learning is a social phenomenon permeates through the design of the student spaces that are visually connected to one another, and to the surrounding context and internal environments.

建筑的整体设计语言一直延续到裙楼。 它由一系列阶梯式露台盒子组成,外部具有集成的景观元素,视觉上从图书馆草坪一直延伸到外部书房露台。 裙房的下层主要面向学生,提供丰富多样的学习环境,包括私人、小组、计划或自发学习活动的许多不同可能性。 学习是一种社会现象的观念渗透到学生空间的设计中,这些空间在视觉上彼此相连,并与周围的环境和内部环境相连。

Group focused and creative workspaces are oriented around the podium atrium, with individual workspaces arrayed around the edges for a quieter work environment. Due to the large, voluminous atrium, the various level and program become connected both vertically and horizontally, allowing opportunity for education on display. Although connected and focused on a continuous series of atria visual and acoustic separation is provided where required.

以团队为中心的创意工作空间围绕裙楼中庭布置,个人工作空间布置在边缘,以营造更安静的工作环境。 由于中庭宽敞,各个楼层和功能在垂直和水平方向上相互连接,为展示教育提供了机会。 尽管一系列连续的空间连续并集中,但在需要时提供视觉和声音分离。

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Enhancing internal daylight through external considerations   通过外部考量来增强内部日光

The scale of the SAAB administration tower’s scale is reduced through the articulation of vertical frames, creating a large-scale, serration along the east and west facades as a means of allowing the massing manipulation to respond to solar performance; significantly reducing the impact of the low east and west sun angle. An additional layer of glazed, vertical sun-shading fins with a bronze to copper coloured mesh, sandwiched between the inner and outer glass layers, further reduce solar gain into the building, while providing clear views to the surrounding context from within.

SAAB行政大楼的体量感通过垂直框架的铰接而缩小,沿东立面和西立面创建了大规模的锯齿状结构,作为允许体量变化响应太阳能性能的一种手段; 大大减少了东、西低太阳角度的影响。额外的玻璃垂直遮阳翅片,带有青铜色到古铜色的网格,夹在内外玻璃层之间,进一步减少了进入建筑物的太阳能增益,同时从内部提供了对周围环境的清晰视野。

Additional care and performance criteria have been placed on the dynamic podium massing, articulated through a series of simple volumes pushing and pulling to articulate the individual study spaces and the main entries. These shifts in massing help self-shade spaces to the north, while the southern face of the podium terraces maximize the internal floor area within – yet fit within the required solar envelope. Thus, maintaining direct solar exposure to the well-known and well-used Library Lawn. The terracing provides external terraces for both study and work, activating the open, green space between the library and the new SAAB, B22 building.

动态裙房体量上还考虑了额外的维护和性能标准,通过一系列简单的推拉体块来连接各个学习空间和主要入口。 这些体量上的变化有助于北面空间的自我遮阳,而裙楼露台的南面则最大限度地提高了内部建筑面积,同时又符合所需的太阳能围护结构。 这样,保持著名且经常使用的图书馆草坪的直接阳光照射。 露台为学习和工作提供了外部空间,激活了图书馆和新 SAAB B22 大楼之间的开放绿色空间。

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Client:University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Location:Sydney, Australia

Size:25.000 m2

Collaborators:ASPECT Studios, ARUP

Status:Planning approved


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